Grief Counseling Online Can Be Advantageous

By Krystal Branch

Professionals feel there is a distinction to be made between loss counseling and loss therapy. Counseling is said to be more appropriate for someone undergoing a normal reaction to death of a loved one. Therapy deals with a deeper sense of loss. Grief counseling online is available for either individual.

A serious reaction can possibly lead to an emotional disorder. It may grow worse over time unless treatment is available. For those who do not want to undergo therapy in person, there is bereavement counseling and therapy available online.

In 2008 a controversy arose in professional circles. In some instances, bereavement therapy was harmful rather than helpful. For someone going through the expected five stages of grief, the therapy might turn the normal reaction into a pathological problem. However, it is effective in cases where an abnormal and extended response exists.

Although the succession can vary in some individuals, five stages of grief usually occur in order. They are shock, denial, anger, despair and finally, acceptance. In a pathological case, the bereaved may become stuck in one stage, at which time it turns into a serious condition.

It can be a chilling shock when an unexpected death or unwanted divorce occurs. The person suffering the loss might have difficulty in believing it really happened. This is followed by rage or anger. Then he or she can sink into a deep depression. He or she may need professional help to get out of this sad state.

During stage five of the normal grieving process, the bereaved individual comes to accept the loss. He or she does not like that it happened, of course. However, the truth is accepted. It seems possible that someday normal happiness will once again be possible.

The professional therapist will tell you that it is necessary to go through the five stages of grieving. If the sadness is repressed it can lead to emotional problems down the road. If a second disastrous event happens soon after, recovery will be that much more difficult.

An online grief counselor should have a degree and possibly continuing education credits in bereavement counseling. For serious trauma, the individual should choose someone with a psychology degree. Some who represent themselves as grief counselors are simply sales people working for funeral homes or cemeteries.

The person seeking to talk to an online counselor should not hesitate to ask about the degree and experience of the person who will be at the other end of the line. If the goal is to arrange a funeral, the sales person may be a suitable choice. If not, he or she may cause more harm than good.

The DSM is a reference manual professionals refer to when diagnosing mental disorders. There is a list of criteria that must be met before any pathology can be confirmed. Each illness has its own set of required criteria. Only a certain number from the list must be met for a condition such as clinical depression to be diagnosed.

Bereavement counseling is a service offered online. For the individual who does not want to meet with a therapist in an office, grief counseling online is a good substitution. It has the advantages of being anonymous and there is no travel time needed to meet with the counselor.

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