Laser Tattoo Removal: Is It Right For You?

By Tom Hanson

We all make bad choices. Some bad choices are a little harder to forget than others. Tattoos are permanent reminders of those bad choices even if it occurred over a decade or two ago. That's the main reason why half the people who own tattoos have thought about getting rid of them at some time.

Some tattoo owners don't have a choice to keep their tattoos or not. Many choose to have their tattoos removed by laser. There are definitely advantages and disadvantages in this type of tattoo removal procedure.

Laser Tattoo Removal Definition

In general, skin pigmentation is broken up by a laser beam to remove the tattoo.

The colored ink will absorb some of the laser wavelengths. Black ink will absorb all of them, which makes darker tattoos much easier to remove through this method. Once the ink is broken down, it will get absorbed by the body in an all-natural process.

The amount of laser treatments needed to remove the tattoo is based on the type of tattoo. If the tattoo was done by a professional tattoo artist, it can take up to 20 treatments. If done by an amateur, it could be gone in a few treatments.


Laser tattoo removal has many advantages. The biggest one is that its by laser. This means no cutting or opening of the skin, no blood, no scarring and a very clean procedure.

The next advantage is that the chances the tattoo will be totally removed is very good. The majority of people who use laser to remove their tattoos get their ink totally removed.

Another advantage is the competitive pricing for laser tattoo removal. You don't need a medical degree to start a tattoo removal business, so there are many specialists fighting for your business.

Laser tattoo removal is related to minimal risk of side effects. This advantage sets it apart from other tattoo removal possibilities like dermabrasion or excision.


The procedure can cost you a lot of money. The cost is determined by how many treatments you need to get rid of the tattoo.

The laser removal can really hurt. Many people find it a very unsettling experience.

Laser removal may irritate people with skin allergies. Anyone who has interest in laser removal, should speak to their doctor first.

A person having their tattoo removed by laser could see changes of the color of their skin.

When thinking about getting your tattoos removed, examine all options and talk to a medical professional. Laser removal is one of the safest possibilities that can be used on all kinds of tattoos but you need to make sure that it is the right one for you.

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