Perfect Newspaper Retention Strategies To Increase Subscribers

By Jerri Perry

For a newspaper retention strategy to work correctly, the publishers need to perfect ways to increase subscribers while keeping present customers happy. When those strategies are not applied in the right order or manner, those actions might cause all workers at a publishing house to lose gainful employment. When customers are gone, there is no reason to produce this periodical.

To prevent this, publishers must ensure that a customer database is established and maintained to ensure that all subscriber information is current. This effort will eliminate waste and give the distribution centers a realistic starting point for increasing sales. Any actions that result in wasted effort must be identified and stopped in order to save funds and ensure profitability for the company.

The sales strategies that are developed will include the steps that need to be taken to identify sources that could lead to new customers. Any person that is not a current customer is a viable lead. Sales routes can be examined to identify residents that do not subscribe to the news in any format. The method of contact can vary, but past customers must be contacted to generate new subscriptions.

Certain deals can be offered to previous subscribers in order to lure the customer back. Every deal that is created must be available to all clients, otherwise some customers may feel that they were treated unfairly and this could affect sales. Generate excitement by asking employees to provide ideas for new deals. Consistency in offering low rate plans will help when trying to build a new subscriber base.

Leads can be identified with the help of present customers when they complete a formal survey. The customer can list friends and relatives who might be interested in a present deal. This same survey can identify problems and get customers to open up about what they think of the newsprint, how it is delivered, and how happy they are with the services received.

Great care should be given to ensure that readers continue to enjoy getting a newspaper delivered to homes and offices. One way to ensure this is to produce a product that is useful to the community at large and that it is distributed to the customer using a method that the customer prefers the most. These surveys can be distributed to customers to identify their preferences and update information that will identify where the digital formats of the news are to be sent and what rates will apply.

In order to increase subscribers, some publishing houses will provide customers will rewards for their honest feedback. Remaining in touch with each subscriber is crucial if the publishers want the customer to feel appreciated and wanted. For referring a friend, a client may receive a new subscription that is extended six months with no additional charges. A certain number of issues may be provided at no charge when more leads are generated by the client.

In order for newspaper retention strategies to work effectively, there is no room for complacency in the company. New technologies should be embraced and utilized but satisfaction levels must also be monitored continuously and new clients must be identified through any means possible. Customers want to know the latest news, and do not care what format it is delivered in. Stress good services practices and the importance of making the customer happy.

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