The Lean Six Sigma Training Program

By Krystal Branch

In the management of businesses, a very efficient method that almost all in the managerial and executive level would often make use of would be the lean six sigma method. Now this is actually a very efficient technique when it comes to running a business as it ensures good quality of products and services. It is because of this that a lot of managers and executives would undergo lean six sigma training.

For those who do not know, this method is one that would try to find out what the problems in the production of products would be and solve them in the process. Another one of the goals of this method is to make sure that the operations of the business will have minimal variability. Users of this method would actually make use of certain statistical computations in order to be able to find out more about these problems.

Now if one is a manager then he must always remember that the customer will always be the first priority when it comes to doing business. This means that the management would have to study what the customers would want and learn their definition of quality. This is simply because if they would want to please the customers, they would need to give good quality service and products.

When one would start out his training, one of the very first things that he would be learning would be the process of Value Stream Mapping. Now for those who do not know about this process, basically it is a process that encompasses gathering information on the customers and picking the most efficient steps. From there, he would be using those steps to work on the process.

Now the next part of the program would be none other than the Six Sigma method itself. Now the Six Sigma method is the method known to be able to break down the DMAIC process into a few steps. Basically, it is a technique that would try to identify the cause of wastes in production and come up with solutions.

Of course the very first thing to do when it comes to this process is to simply know about the problem. Now this is one of the most important things to know about because one can only fix a problem if he knows the cause. From there, he has to make sure to assess the situation carefully.

Now from there, he will have to form an analysis of the root cause and once again assess the situation. After making a hardcore analysis on the situation, then he would have to improve the process by making some necessary adjustments. From there, he would just have to control the new process and manage it so that he can expect consistency in good quality management.

So if one is undergoing the lean six sigma training program, then these are the things that he will learn. Now manufacturing companies will definitely have to train their leaders under this program. The main purpose of a business is not only to earn profits but to also please customers which is why this method was created.

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