What Storage Is Missing From Your Garage?

By Joseph Kraehenbuehl

Stressed by the stacks of disorder in the garage? The problem may have started by placing a couple of items along side the wall, but now the jumble is a menace and is disturbing your enjoyment of your garage. The garage began as just a bare cube: four empty wall surfaces, a ceiling, and a floor. It provides plenty of space, yet the room has zero shelving to place items on.

Get your stuff off the floor and start enjoying your garage again by installing racks, shelves, hooks, etc. in that simple cube. Consider how many fixtures are in your bathroom and kitchen. What have you put in your living room and bedroom to make space for storing stuff? It's time to do the same for your garage.

If you would like your garage to become organized, you need to add a few fixtures and furniture to your garage. This is a deluge of storage options that may help you in claiming back the garage. My recommendations should inspire you to sketch plans for your freshly organized garage.

First look for a space 6 - 12 inches narrow. This is the ideal location for a tool hanger, hooks, or pegs. Larger spaces from 12 - 16 inches are good for adjustable wall mounted shelves. Shelves can be wire or wood. Wire keeps you from piling small things on the shelf which should be consolidated in bins. Wire shelves also do not collect as much dust. Wood has a more solid look. If you buy manufactured shelves they will be more expensive than wire. Simply cutting a 4x8 sheet of plywood into 12 or 16 shelves is the most economical , although rugged, solution.

Place every small and medium stuff on the wall shelves. Create storage zones by collecting like items together. Start using bins and totes to gather similar small items. For deeper spaces from 18 to 24 inches, get free-standing shelving for larger heavier possessions.

Install cabinets for items you want out of site. Attach smaller cabinets to the wall or opt for tall free-standing cabinets. A fun and personalized way to separate people's stuff is to get a few lockers. Create a space dedicated to projects by installing a workbench. This may motivate and facilitate the completion of those projects. Add a pegboard by your work area to hold small hand tools. Outline each tool with paint or marker to denote where each tool belongs.

Clear as much floor space as you possibly can. Hoist the bicycles onto a ceiling or wall with a rack or lift. Comparable solutions are available for hoisting canoes to your ceiling. Invest in hanging garage storage racks to create more space for seasonal and seldom-used possessions. Cut out the ladder work by purchasing a motorized platform. Collect small gadgets in transparent totes. Remember to label all the bins with large writing so objects will be easy to find.

Take the time to create a plan before you go shopping. Make a rough sketch of your garage. Locate the different sized areas as suggested above. Identify which solutions above are right for you based on the measurements of your garage.

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