What You Need To Know About Light Pole

By Leticia Jensen

Having sufficient lighting on your streets and the compounds surrounding your home or office is very important. Well-lighted areas are safe to walk in even at night and they keep thieves, vandals and murderers away. Having these lights can actually save your life and so you should seriously consider having some lights fitted. To get the best light pole quality, then you have to choose wisely to ensure it lasts long, and it is not easily vandalized.

Lights also come in handy when there is dull weather and especially in winter. The fog and mist can cause accidents even when one is pulling over at the end of their street. This is why there needs to be a lamp post there with working illumination always. This way one can see pedestrians and other vehicles that are using the road clearly.

The technology which is used in these lights is remarkable since they have photocells which are sensitive to light. They are able to detect when darkness starts coming in and they switch on automatically. At sunrise they are able to detect and go off. They are able to detect dull weather and starts functioning. This helps in saving energy thus money.

In eras such as the pre-industrial the lighting was to protect the empires such as the Roman and the Greek from robbers. They were lamps which utilized oil they were able to produce brightness that could be reflected on the entire walkway since they were positioned very high. Currently technology has changed and these facilities utilize gas or electricity. The good thing with these types is that they are more efficient and cost effective.

Illumination poles come in different shapes and sizes and one has to choose according to their preference and where they want to install them. They are mainly made of steel or aluminum. These poles are hollow so that wires can be strung in them and reach the lamp to light it. Most street light poles will have a standard height according to the size of the road and the amount of traffic going through it.

For homes, these poles can be mounted for beauty. To serve this purpose, they are customized accordingly to meet the clients needs. Most firms usually give these services even to those who would need many poles to light up their big homesteads. Their height is normally different based on the clients orders.

In terms of materials, aluminum poles have been proven to be more reliable than steel poles. The advantages of aluminum are many, one of them being its higher resistance to corrosion. Aluminum is also highly flexible and so you will make more designs on your poles than when using steel. It is also very valuable in the scrap metal market as compared to steel.

No matter the material you use to make your illumination pole, it is important to paint them or find another way to coat them. This prevents corrosion and, makes them more presentable. It is easier to paint poles when they are not installed than doing it afterwards. Steel poles are known to be more durable than aluminum though aluminum poles re preferred because they are recyclable.

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