A Brief Guide To Six Sigma Certification Houston

By Jaclyn Hurley

People in business are always looking for ways to be more efficient. Often it is not necessarily the size of the organisation but the approach to how that organisation is run. If you are looking to improve your business in the Houston TX area then it is worth looking for Six Sigma certification Houston.

There are a number of places in Houston TX that offer classes where you can learn about Six Sigma. As with any type of school or college these offer varying degrees of quality. In order to make sure you choose the right kind of organisation it helps to know the origin of the philosophy and what the organisation should be teaching you.

The philosophy originated in Japan and is based on Japanese corporate principles. It was first developed around the Mid Eighties. As companies began to develop and prosper by following these principles the idea was imported into the United States where it began to be followed by some of the major American corporations.

In simple terms the idea behind Six Sigma is to create success by eliminating any errors or weaknesses. The term comes from manufacturing and refers to a process or product that is almost 100 per cent efficient. This means that any recalls or problems with the process or product are practically non existent.

The certification runs along a similar idea to martial arts. You start off on the beginner level and build your way up to becoming a black belt. The certification includes class teaching and written proficiency tests. Over time the person begins to develop skills that can be applied to their own company.

A good example is if you run a bar. There are two people working in the bar and you serve food. The kitchen is on the other side of the bar. One person serves drinks and the other takes food orders to the kitchen. One way of making this process more efficient would be to use more people or to refit the bar so that the kitchen is closer to the bar or next to it in order to make the ordering process more efficient.

The process of certification is based on martial arts. People start off as Green Belt and work their way up to Black Belt. As they do so they learn more about becoming more efficient and developing their business skills. People often study Six Sigma to increase their earning potential at work as it is often attractive to business owners to have someone within their organisation who could potentially increase the growth of their company without having to head hunt someone from the outside.

As such there is no standardised Six Sigma certification. It is best to look online in order to get feedback from people who have used organisations in the past and to find out more about the teaching methods they use. Often this will be a mix of classwork and practical lessons. Use your regular search engine to find organisations in your local area to help you get the most out of your certification as well as getting feedback and advice from people who have been certified in the past.

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