Birthday Fireworks And Other Kids Party Ideas

By Luisa Sharpe

Planning a kids' birthday party, or any other kind of party, can be a lot of fun. However, if you are not a seasoned party planner, it can also be stressful. If you are planning your first kids' party, for your first child, niece, or nephew, you may be in need of ideas. Your planning is also limited by your budget; not everyone can afford a huge birthday fireworks display!

If you are able to go all out for a huge celebration, by all means, do it. But that is not a necessity to plan a party that the children will enjoy. Oftentimes, kids are unaware of the cost of activities; they only know whether or not they're fun. Here are some ideas to keep in mind as you begin your planning.

1. Have a theme for the party. Decorating will be so much easier if you do this. Choosing a theme will be simple if your child has a favorite movie or character. Doc McStuffins, Frozen, or Transformers; you can find party supplies on these themes as most party supply stores. You child could even wear an outfit that goes along with the theme!

2. Plan the food. Choose something that is easy to prepare and simple to clean up, like pizza, hot dogs, or chicken wings. You may even want to order out, so that you don't have to worry about food preparation. If you do order out, be sure to place the order far enough in advance that you don't run into a time crunch. If your party has a theme, order or make a cake that fits with the theme. Also, make sure to have enough beverages on hand.

3. Pick one main activity and several smaller ones. If your budget allows, you main activity might be something big, like a fireworks display, a pony, or a traveling petting zoo. However, you could also plan a movie day, a soccer game, or a big scavenger hunt. All of those things will be entertaining if they're planned well. Be sure to have some smaller activities, like coloring books and bubbles, on hand for kids who get bored.

4. Add some special touches. An attractive candy table with a large selection will be the hit of the party! You can decorate a birthday chair for the birthday boy or girl, and you can also send home gift bags with the guests. They do not have to be expensive; just some candy and a few trinkets.

5. Ask for help, and have other adults around. You do not have to handle all of the planning on your own, and you definitely should not be the only one supervising on the day of the party. Ask your friends and siblings for help, and get a couple of parents to agree in advance to attend the party with their kids.

No matter what you theme or your activities, make sure you are focused and organized in your planning. The kids will be entertained whether you have a clown, fireworks, a movie, or a family member dressed as Elmo! Once you get the formula for planning a party down, it will get easier.

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