How Grease Removal Can Be Effected On Fabric

By Gwen Lowe

Handling this kind of stain may not be easy especially if you are not sure of what to do as regards to these stains. If compared to some of the common stains, it is realized that grease removal is challenging. This is the reason why some people may decide to through away their stained fabric. You can use various household products to help you out of this stain mess.

You should act as fast as possible once you realize that your fabric is stained. Cleaning it immediately will enable you to get rid of these stains fast enough. Further penetration may make it hard to clean and damage the fabric more.

Using the stain cleaning dish soap, squeeze some amount to cover the stain. Putting it directly to the stain will improve your chances of clearing the stain off. Smear the layer so that it is evenly distributed to the effected parts of the fabric. You may also opt to just saturate the fabric with lubricating spray. This ensures evenly spraying and can save you some time as well.

You can then rub it gently to make sure that it neutralizes the stain in the noblest manner. This soap foam should be left on the fabric for a few minutes to allow for further penetration and total cleaning. Then soak the fabric for about half an hour in warm water. Make sure the fabric is deeply immersed within so that no part is left out of water.

Applying some pre-treatment formula to the fabric is vital to ensure that it stays durable and doesn't loos its original colour. The fabric is then washed the normal way and left out to dry after confirming that it is now free of stain. You may even opt to add some ammonia to the wash to ensure that the stain is permanently done away with.

Keenly examine your fabric to know which areas have puddle stain. These are the areas you need to start off with. You can scoop such a puddle with a spoon and then get a leeway onto cleaning your fabric. Other objects like a knife could not be good enough as they can tear off and cause damage to your fabric.

If you are not really sure of a certain product, try testing it in a small portion of the fabric first so as to know what to expect. Using something you have never tried may cause extensive damage to your precious fabric. Otherwise, if you are sure of the outcomes, you may just carry out everything all together.

You should also make sure that you thoroughly check your fabric after washing to ascertain that it is in good order. This is to help you deal with any remaining stain before taking the fabric to the dryer. Since heat has to be generated from the dryer, it may set the stain more and spread to other areas. To such an extent the whole process may not be friendly if you have to repeat it again.

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