Impress With Unique Personalized Coasters

By Jaclyn Hurley

Finding just the right gift for someone, the perfect accent piece for one's home, or a party favor that will make a lasting impact can be quite difficult. There is one product that actually could be applicable in each of these situations as well as several others. Unique personalized coasters come in many sizes, shapes, designs and materials which makes them great for such occasions.

Being available in many materials such as paper, cork, plastic, tile, acrylic, wood, metal, sandstone, glass, leather, crystal and more, makes these items very versatile. The design can add to a room's overall decor, allow one to spread a message or even create a lasting keepsake of an event or special occasion. Aside from being effective conversation starters, they serve the function of keeping water marks off the furniture.

One reason this product is flexible enough to fit so many needs is that each set can be completely personalized. The range of materials span from those that are meant only for display or short term use, to those used because the item is intended to last for years. Design options are as varied as one's imagination and may consist of patterns, text, names, monograms, photographs and more.

When given as a birthday, wedding or anniversary gift, these items are a great way to provide the recipient with reminders of a special time. When made from materials like acrylic, glass or crystal with names, dates or monograms etched on them, they make elegant presents. Many of the more upscale designs can be purchased in multiple set sizes and feature attractive holders to keep each piece in when not being used.

A popular choice of design is to have personal photos serve as the primary design feature on the pieces. This option is great when searching for a graduation, birthday or special friendship gift that is going to remind the receiver of fond memories and fun moments every time they put them to use. When used in one's own home, it is a wonderful way to display and showcase treasured photographs each and every day.

Versions made with a special absorbent and thick paper are perfect as keepsakes that is appropriate for dispersal at celebrations and parties. The date and name of the event can be printed directly onto the surface at an affordable rate. Their nature may be disposable but they are actually quite durable and will not disintegrate beneath one's glass when wet.

These products are great for holiday purposes as well. When put out around the house, they create festive accent pieces, and when used as part of an elegant table setting, they add a touch of personality. Designing a special set for a friend and presenting it along with all the makings of cocoa makes a perfect winter gift.

The utilization of various factors such as personal photos, vintage illustrations, text in many fonts, patterns and icons either alone or as part of a combination, can allow one to create interesting pieces. By collecting sets or pieces that represent several events, one can provide many ways to start conversations among guests. A specially designed set and a welcoming beverage can create a perfect housewarming or hostess gift.

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