Is The Bbb A Scam

By Gwen Lowe

The Better Business Bureau is a very well known site that would list down all of the big companies in the United States of America and would give them a grade along with some comments about the company. Basically, they would tell people whether a certain company is a scam or not. However, the problem is that many are asking is the bbb a scam on its own simply because there are so many scandals in the site.

Now it is because of these reports that the netizens have already began to doubt if the information the BBB is giving out is actually genuine or not. Sometime during the year 2010, there was a very controversial story regarding the Bureau and the grades they gave out. In a nutshell, the news report stated that the organization actually told the companies that they could buy good grades and good comments.

Now the thing about the Better Business Bureau is that many people think that it is credible simply because they are looking for a site that provides reviews on businesses. Now just how one would know how this system works, the BBB offers companies a membership fee. This membership fee would depend on how big the company is and how well known it is.

Apparently, the ABC News channel featured the Better Business Bureau and discovered a few things. One of the things is that although many people think this is a private government body that would keep watch of the companies that are in the country. However, it is actually just a private non profit organization asking for money for membership.

What the investigators find strange is the membership program as there is no standard fee. Also, one of the things that the investigators found out was that the members would get really good grades while the non members would not. In fact, Google, which is an extremely big company and a famous one too, just got a low grade of D.

Now of course there are a lot of cases where business owners would actually pay the organization to have a change of grades. Now many companies who had low grades would actually have higher grades after they have paid the organization a membership fee. Of course when word got out to the public, many people became wary of the Bureau.

What made matters worse is that there were some scam businesses who were not legit but got a good grade as well as good comments from the site. Now it was because of the expose that they were forced to shut down their operations because there were so many people who complained about their site. However, they did take around two years to shut down one of their branches.

Of course these events that transpired in the year 2010 would really make a person think twice before he can trust the BBB. It was because of this big scandal that this organization has lost so much public trust. Of course they did try to save themselves by telling the public that only one branch did it.

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