Safety Inside An Elevator Service Bend

By Linda Cantrell

Due to our fast growing economy, there are also a lot of businesses coming in. As these businesses continue build their firms, that also build lots of buildings around. These infrastructures are of course with high tech machines already. They have all the fast moving engines to make life and work easier when inside their facility.

Elevator service bend is what people rely on when in need of a transportation from one floor to another. People use this especially when they are carrying heavy loads, in a hurry or just too tired to use the staircase. There are times that this machine malfunctions. Even the building management can not assure that the elevator is 100 percent working all the time. These are instances that something might have gone wrong. Here are some tips that you can refer on in times like this happens.

Keep yourself calm. Never panic because this just empties your mind. You sure will not be able to concentrate on doing the right thing. Stay positive by thinking that there really is someone working on the matter.

Sit down on the corner and breathe easy. That way, you will be able to feel relaxed allowing your mind to think properly. You can think about positive things so you can eventually think about a way to help you.

For sure, the lights are also off while you are inside. The easiest device or gadget you can look for is your phone. Make sure that it is always fully charged when you leave as it is so useful in making calls or serve as a light during emergencies. If you also have a handy flashlight at home, you may also use that.

Since you are riding the machine on a regular basis, you must be familiar as to where the emergency button is. Make sure to press that button the moment the machine stopped functioning. It is a way for you to be able to notify the management that something is wrong with the elevator and that someone is stuck inside. Do it every after 10 to 15 minutes to make sure that people outside will really notice you and the state of the elevator. It might take a few minutes for a technician to fix it.

Try opening the door. It could be that the elevator stopped functioning but has already landed on one of the floors in the building. If that happens, then you are lucky enough. You surely get off from being stuck. But if you are still in the middle of two floors, then it will be useless. Since the door has already opened, you can shout at the peak of your voice till someone hears you. But make sure that you only do it once as it might weaken you more.

Make sure you have something to eat inside your pocket or bag. Even a small sized sandwich or some pieces of candies would do. You do not actually need to have so much as the emergency would not take days to be over. Just make sure that there will be something you can munch if you feel hungry inside. At least you will be energized.

Making sure that you have all the things needed during this instances. You never know when it will happen. You better be ready all the time.

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