Top Techniques To Help One Choose Foil Embossing Dies

By Gwen Lowe

Paper embossing is one of the oldest crafts, and it was used in the past to make a special effect on stamps. It is very special in that it makes the letters that are being embossed to be raised in the surface and so they become more obvious as compared to those that are not. It can also be used to make images more raised in the surface of the paper. This can be done using foil embossing dies.

The dies are usually made from copper, magnesium and brass. The nature of the surface to be imprinted will highly define the suitable material of the tint required to do the embossing properly. The two must be compatible for a satisfying outcome. The following are the other factors you will have to bear in mind as you choose the color you want.

There are various ways of stamping and each of them has its own benefits and shortcomings. To start with, you can use the blind embossing technique. It does not require the use of either foils or ink to high-point the imprinted area. Someone will only see that part if he observes the paper closely and keenly. In most instances, it is completed on hard papers so that it has a distinctive appearance.

The registered imprint is a distinctive method used for imaging. It takes up adorned pieces using either foils or ink on the paper surface. Still, you will get a combined emboss that uses emboss and foil marks. This is done on one paper to give unique art work. This method remains popular because it is exclusive. People cannot copy it because they find difficulties to know what has taken place.

Some of the forms of impressing include scorching, pastelling, and glazing. All of them make surfaces look appealing and very inimitable. To enhance the effect, the finishing is done using the ink and pearl varnishes. It is so suitable for a decorative piece and also other products which will be because of their beauty, for example, gift wrappers and stamps.

Alternatively the foils beautification can be used. It requires a heated coloring to be smeared on the foils for the surface to be beautiful. This is the expected outcome since it being so gleaming and with the bright colors, people have to draw attention to it. This has been done on pens, pencils, photographs, book covers and hankies. These things should not be soaked in water because the decorations will come off.

On the other hand, pastel foils lack the shiny appeals and is unique because of the flat opaque colors. Instead, it remains whitish when used. If you emboss it in white papers, it produces faint looks that cannot be seen from far. The imprinting causes unique 3D effects. This leads to the surfaces appearing creative and appealing.

Before choosing the fit dies, you should be sure of what you are looking for. Select the ones that go along with the impression you want to make. In the place of the manual works, the pneumatic machines can be used. This will make work easier and lessen fatigue especially when working on a lot pieces.

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