Uses Of Dried Bay Leaves

By Gwen Lowe

These can be used for so many things. You can use them when green for cooking because they have a good aroma. This makes your food tasty and pleasing to the eye. Dried bay leaves are also good healthcare products which can cure you of so many diseases. They have some elements of plant driven compounds which your body needs.

They can perfectly treat diabetes given the fact that they are effective in reducing the blood glucose and cholesterol in our bodies. They are also useful in digestion and act as digestive boosters. There are enzymes within it that helps in catalyzing of food. For those who are sick this product can help boost the appetite for food.

If suffering from hear diseases, it can help reduce the risk. Just take a little portion and your heart functionality will be boosted. It also has a capacity of treating mild diseases associated with the heart and restores health.

Common cold also has its remedy when you use this product. This is because it can fight flu and cold symptoms and do away with them. Steaming and massaging it with a piece of cloth on your chest will help you alleviate the pain. It can quickly relieve you of that stubborn fever as well.

It can help in reducing chances of getting cancer. They add immune to your system such that your body gets protected from chances of this disease occurring. For those pregnant, you can also get help from this product. The folic acid within adds iron to your body and lets you be in good health. If you want to reduce any chances of birth defects, you should take this during pregnancy. For labour issues, get out of the labour pains faster by chewing up this product to speed up the process.

You can get cure from menstrual problems if you use this product effectively. Vaginal discharge can also be reduced by orally drinking the mixture of this product. Boil and sieve it then take the juice occasionally for a while until you feel better. It has been used for so many years and will still continue to be effective.

For those who have problems when it comes to catching their sleep, this product is key to inducing sleep. It has a soothing effect that will act immediately you drink the sieved water. Though good for sleep, it should just be taken in small quantity and it will perfectly work out.

This product helps in driving away insects. Since it contains an acidic formula, it is good for using as a repellent especially of mosquitoes. If mixed with oil, it forms paste that can be used for a sting bite to alleviate the pain and swelling.

This product has been useful over the years and it has continued to help so many people. For treatment of snake bite, you can get good results with this. A mixed paste of this product and oil is good for bruises and cuts as well. It works by drying up the wound to make you feel even better.

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