A Description Of Riverside Sand And Gravel Products And Services

By Essie Osborn

Throughout the United States and the rest of the world, there are many companies whose main purpose is to provide sand and gravel to businesses and homeowners in the local area. One or more quarries are the source of base material and the products are transported to a central location, such as the Riverside sand and gravel firm. An S&G firm is highly capital-intensive, since heavy equipment of various types is required to remove the raw material from the ground and load it into trucks or other vehicles. At the central facility, there is need for additional equipment to clean, size and store the product. Usually delivery trucks are necessary to get retail products to the consumers.

There are different types of sandy grades and sizes. Depending upon the source of the base product, the sands may be large and course or very fine. The color of the product will depend upon the source of the raw materials . The sand is also categorized by its intended use. Sand may be utilized as "cushion", "mason", "white brick", "concrete", "crushed limestone" or "remix", which is a mix of sand and gravel.

Gravel is categorized by size. It ranges from particle-sized to pebble-sized. A sand and gravel firm will often sort and store gravel by size of individual units. This is done by sizing screens which allow the individual units to drop into bins or areas depending upon the size of particles.

Small rock fragments are typically used for rural roadways. It is common in the United States and even more common in other parts of the world. The rocks may be coated to cut down on dust in some cases. Periodically a graveled road will be smoothed by running a road grader over the surface. This process removes the ruts that develop as the traffic forces rocks to the outer edges of the roadway.

Another major use for rock particles, regardless of the size, is in the production of concrete. It is fairly common for S&G companies to also distribute concrete to contractors, homeowners and others. The wet concrete mix is carried to the customer's site where it is poured or shoveled into place and leveled.

Depending upon the location of an S&G facility, there are usually state or local regulations which affect the production, site and operations of a quarry and the plant where the products are processed and stored. Because of truck traffic and heavy equipment operation, a plant may need to be located at a certain minimum distance from residential or recreational area.

The location of the quarries is an issue to humans who live nearby, but it can also affect the wildlife in the area. There may be limited hours of operation to reduce noise stress for birds and animals. Pollution of nearby water is another consideration.

Delivering the heavy products found at an S&G facility to the needed location is part of the service provided. The weight for a cubic yard of particles, for example, can be as much as 3000 pounds. Many yards of product are needed for even small projects. Whether it is for a rural driveway, a high-rise construction product, or the making of aggregate items, the availability of the building materials is assured.

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