Ideas About Face Readings By Shri Jeetendra Maharaj

By Eloise Hewitt

People actually like to know about who they are and how they are to people. This is the reason for the constant fuss over how they look, how they performed, and what others said. This is basically true to everyone although others may deny this. But this is one basic need of people, to be acknowledged. With this, some even go to the astrologers for prediction of their future.

This is a natural inclination of humans though. The knowledge of oneself somehow give a sense of confidence and satisfaction specially if the comments are good. Naturally, people always want there to be good feedback about them. With this, they intend to do whatever they could for the sake of gaining a positive impression. If you badly want to know more about your personality, know about face readings by Shri Jeetendra Maharaj.

This is actually a science that is concerned with analyzing the personality of a person. It is otherwise termed as personology. It is more like psychology and the science of body language. But once you get to master this skill, you can get more accurate analysis than does body language. Here are relevant information that will help you grasp more of what this thing is all about and how different it is from body language.

Your face is primarily the mirror of your own personality. In some research studies, it was revealed that it actually has a strong connection to your traits. This idea is actually derived from the observation that individuals who embody similar facial features also act the same and has a lot of similar traits as well.

Personology has been coined when a statistical study gave a ninety percent accuracy. This is due to the success of identifying sixty eight personalities through the facial features. This field is actually not a new science since it has been practiced by the ancient people. Only then when it has gained credit through the study has it been given the name.

Due to this accreditation, people fondly availed of personology. This is called Siang Mein in China and Shamudrika Lakshana in India. But these two countries have variations in the way they do it. In China, the face undergoes heavy scrutiny. While in India, some parts of the body are considered to determine the overall impression.

When you undergo this activity, you will have to deal with heavy evaluation. There are a set of criteria which are set into consideration. All the parts and regions of your face will be scrutinized. Even those which you think are unnoticed will be included in the evaluation. That is why if you like to learn how to do it, you need to practice a lot.

An example of the process is the evaluation of the shape of your face. The contour of your forehead and nose bridge is also put into consideration. The height, thickness, and closeness of your eyebrows are included too. The size of your nose, eyes, and ears are also very important factors.

With this, you will be given the most accurate answer. You will know the qualities which are hidden from you. If you like to do it on your own, purchase a guide and examine yourself in the mirror. If you think they go along with your evaluation, then that is it.

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