Importance Of Disaster Relief Ministry

By Eloise Hewitt

The importance of this ministry has been felt world wide. It avails resources that are necessary in times of disasters to victims. Disaster relief ministry covers a variety of natural disaster. The organization has been credited for its quick response whenever an emergency occurs.

Catastrophes are not pleasing occasions and often they result to great damage of property and loss of life. They require varying approaches since human and natural initiated disasters are different. The organization has touched the lives of many because they offer their help at the hour of need. They are well organized and ready to move. For instance, they have safety measures that help them respond to the needs of the victims effectively.

The ministry may also help when environmental accidents occur. Environmental calamities are due to industrial and technological destruction and carelessness by people. In the previous incidents they have occurred in regions where products are extracted, processed and manufactured. However, accidents can also occur during transportation of these products . A good example is breakout of extreme fire as a result of human activities.

The body continues to give support even after the disaster. It helps victims go through the recovery process and also heal psychologically, emotionally and economically. This step is very vital has it helps place people in their initial state before the occurrence of the emergency. Recovery program mes often involve purchasing and reconstruction of property for the victims.

There is no absolute way to prevent disasters. However, people can interact carefully with the environment and resources they have hence reducing the chances of occurrence of disasters. Preventing a tragedy is better than embarking on the healing process after it has occurred. It saves people unnecessary economic strain, emotional and psychological pains they would have gone through in case of a disaster. It is important to note that despite the precautions and mitigation measures that we might put in place, we can never fully prevent calamities hence they can occur any time.

The body encourages individual effort in preventing misadventures. This is one of the ways that the community can support the body in ensuring the environment is safe for human survival. People should open their eyes to the fact that the organization works for them and therefore cooperate. Initiating individual effort will help a big deal because most of the calamities are due to careless practices by humans.

Most of the times when disaster strikes a place, faith groups are the first to help. In the past incidences once a disaster stricken area is open for people to help, faith based organization arrive before the government can come in to offer their support.

These organizations are met to offer help to victims. In this way they are able to build stronger relationships with the public and even share the Gospel. Human beings have been found to be more open to people when they are going through difficulties or hurting. The ministry takes advantage of this and views it as a chance to demonstrate the love of Jesus. This has happened in the past over and over.

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