Information To Obtain A Medical Marijuana Card And Obtaining One Is Legal

By Vick Yan

Many individuals were excited to take advantage of the change in law when certain states ruled in favor of legalizing the use of marijuana. To use this substance without having to worry about breaking the law, one has to obtain and hold what is known as a medical marijuana card. To some, it is a bit more complex than it initially seemed.

The law now allows individuals with a card to be protected under the law only under certain circumstances. The holder must meet certain medical guidelines to be protected. Additionally, this only allows them to carry a small amount that has been predetermined by law.

The states that have approved this law do not have standardized guidelines to obtain this permit. All of the states do require that the individual desiring the card must see a physician. Most individuals, for various reasons, opt to see someone other than their primary care physicians. Consequently there are lots of weed doctors or medical marijuana doctors who provide their services specifically for those looking to obtain the card.

A doctor visit and referral are imperative, as all the states that passed the law have devised a list of conditions that the patient must suffer from in order to legally qualify for one. So, when a referral is obtained, the patient can then apply for the permit which if issued is good for a certain amount of time.

The process to obtain one has changed somewhat over time in some states. This topic has been a popular one with some legislators who believe that many of their constituents have suffered needlessly prior to this law passing. On the other hand, there are others who believe the law should not have passed as it is simply a license for many to do something that should remain illegal.

There is also the belief that as with many other things, this simply creates a loophole that should not exist. It provides a way around the law to engage in an activity that they believe only creates other issues often viewed as negative. This is an especially sensitive subject when it comes to those who have small children.

Regardless of which side of the fence one is on, a medical marijuana card can be obtained relatively easily. As long as the individual does not mind following the guidelines and paying the fee, it is possible to obtain one. As with anything, rules are often updated and changed and the rules to obtain one is sure to do the same.

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