The Best Way To Use Positive Affirmations

By Tom Clancey

Affirmations are phrases used to help us think more positively. They are usually formulated in the present tense and should always be positive. When used in the correct manner they can be very effective in helping us achieve any goal in life. They work by breaking down inner resistance and forcing a more positive mindset for achieving a goal.

Before using affirmations it is important to identify the negative feelings you might have (usually built up over time) that are stopping you from achieving your objectives. These negative beliefs need to be released and can eventually be replaced with positive affirmations. This will change your thought process and have a major impact on your ability to change your life for the better.

Affirmations can be used for a variety of issues including health, love, weight loss, self confidence and prosperity. In all of these areas they can successfully replace the negative beliefs with more positive ones and you could see a big change in your life.

Affirmations should ideally be personal and suited to the individual using them. This is why it is best to create your own whenever possible instead of using general ones. That way you can tailor them to your own needs and focus on the important areas for yourself.

Don't attempt to start with too many affirmations. Write down a few to make a start with. Repeat these at least in the morning and evening before bed. A good method is to write down your affirmations and carry them with you and post them up around the house so that you are constantly reminded of them.

By simplifying your objective into smaller, more manageable chunks you will stand more chance of achieving success. You can gear your affirmations towards the smaller tasks to get maximum benefit. They will only work if they are realistic. If you try to use them to achieve an unrealistic goal then they will not be as effective.

If you want to make your affirmations even more effective you could try subliminal affirmations or repeating them in front of a mirror. There isn't very much evidence in support of subliminal messages, but some swear by it. By looking yourself in the eye in front of a mirror you can increase the potency of the affirmations you are repeating.

You can achieve almost anything in life using the power of positive affirmations. It is important to use them correctly, but if that is done they can have a massive impact on various areas of your life and change the way you think to a more positive one.

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