The Method Of Lean Six Sigma Healthcare

By Essie Osborn

Manufacturers have been using the lean six sigma method for many years already because it has been so helpful in spotting and correcting the areas of manufacturing that were flawed. Now even if it is mainly used in manufacturing, the institutions in the healthcare industry have proven that it is equally as useful in this field. Now if one would want to know how it can work, here is how to use the lean six sigma healthcare method.

Now in the health care industry, one would be handling medical institutions like hospitals. Now the thing about hospitals is that instead of creating products, they provide medical services to patients who need it. Now while providing the services, there may be some errors that may occur in the process.

Now one of the things that hospitals would have to look out for would be the errors in the medical processes that will be done. The thing about medical processes is that it can mean the loss of the life of a patient. So it is very important for a hospital to eliminate all of the errors in the medical processes so that no lives will be taken.

Now if one is already familiar with this method, then he will know that the DMAIC approach. Basically, this is known as the define, measure, analyze, improve, and control approach. When approaching errors or trying to improve quality, one has to take note of these five steps in order to successfully have quality control.

Now the very first step of this process would be to know about the problem and the root cause before coming up with a solution. If there is an inefficiency in a certain process, one should not only look at the inefficiency but also the cause of it. Now this is known as defining what the problem is and what are the main causes of this problem that is being presented.

Now after doing that, the next thing to do is to measure just how bad the problem would be. After measuring the intensity of the problem, the very next thing to do would be to dig deeper and do a full analysis on it. By looking at the root cause of the problem, one can already think up of a solution and try to implement it from there.

After the implementation process, he has to create a way to be able to make sure that the solution is consistently implemented. This means that one would have to do a maintenance check from time to time. Now the controlling would involve the monitoring of the entire operation so that the problem will not occur again.

Now in the healthcare industry, this is indeed a very useful technique to use. So if a hospital would want to take care of their patients to the full extent, then they would have to put some effort into spotting some of defects in some processes. As long as one is able to spot the defects in medical processes, he can serve the patients much better.

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