Tricks On Car Repainting After Sponge Blasting

By Anita Ortega

When you are thinking about having your vehicle repainted, the first problem you have to deal with is the rust as this is inevitable over a period of use. Treat this with the right solution before hand as steel is very much prone to oxidation when being exposed in water. Do not leave it untreated or the frame could also be eaten.

After the rust removal you would find some empty holes on the surfaces. After sponge blasting, you would also have to filled those spaces with a high quality body filler and since this will also be used for a smoother surface in order to prepare the car for painting. Make sure you get only the good ones because they are easy to sand.

The surfaces should also be sanded and you should use a block in doing so because this can enhance how you apply the pressure as you go through the panels. If not through this, you will be imprinting your fingermarks on the body filler and making an uneven finish. Sand paper with coarse grit will be the one top be applied at first and you will get the finer ones later.

In doing the actual painting, you first start with the indoors and be sure you place the vehicle in an area whew it will not be exposed to environmental elements. A spacious garage would be good for this. Be sure it is properly parked and that there would be no dust and other particle that will stick to the paint by hanging drapes.

Keep your workplace in order because doing this step is crucial to the success for your project and thus maintenance of the cleanliness is necessary. Pick up all of the clutters to eliminate risks for tripping and accidents and the tools should be properly stored too. Only keep out the ones you are going to use and be sure to keep the whole place dust free.

The area should also be properly maintained especially form water and moist because these can both result top corrosion of metals. There must also be adequate ventilation within the workplace because of the fumes that will be emitted which are dangerous to your health. Install an exhaust fan or a filter if there are no wide windows.

The primer that you will be applying should also have the right equality if not the best since this will be necessary in providing protection to the body of the car. It will also keep the paint in sticking to the panels. This will definitely result to a longer staying finish.

A base and clear paint system can work well and would be friendly to your budget and it can also be applied quickly and without a hassle. The luster of the car would also be great making it even shiner as it is good in hiding scratches form rocks as well as chips. This will also keep you from exerting much effort.

In order for you to achieve a smoother finish, you must use a good painting gun. Others would be expelling unequal amounts because the flash times and the air pressure would not be accurate. Thus, you also need a pressure regulator together with an oil separator to eradicate contaminants.

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