Using Self Hypnosis Weightloss As A Relaxing Way To Beat The Battle Of The Bulge

By Michael Corrano

Men and Women too numerous to mention, all over the globe, have attempted to shed their excess weight. While following their different eating plans they usually feel as if they are punishing themselves to some degree. Self Hypnosis Weightloss is becoming well known as a positive way to make the subconscious work together with the person's conscious efforts at fat reduction.

The way this procedure works is for a person to set up straightforward suggestions of a positive nature that the deeper psyche can believe to be true. These instructions will be useful later on, once the correct state of mind is attained. With the list completed the next in a series of steps towards becoming weighing less can begin.

The environment most suitable for carrying out the technique of becoming hypnotized is one which will be comfortable and without any distractions. The use of instrumental music, available from online stores, to assist with relaxing is able to enhance the process. At this point a systematic approach to achieve relief from tense muscles throughout the body by conscious effort is implemented.

Once the body has become completely relaxed, it may feel heavier or even lighter than it usually does. To reach this condition the person should take deep breaths and speak to themselves quietly with calming, positive statements. By the end of this activity they should have achieved a state of partial hypnosis.

A countdown then, likened to walking down steps, follows the relaxation phase. Each step that is taken reinforces the calmness and total relaxation being experienced by the auto-hypnotist. By the time the last one is reached, the patient can visualize themselves stepping off the final step and approaching a door.

The doorway opens to allow entry to a venue in the subconscious mind that feels safe to be in. This destination is unique to the person who has stepped from their conscious- into their subconscious state. This same venue will be the one revisited every time habits and belief structures are to be modified.

Once men and women have entered this final zone, the list made prior to the activity is ready for use. The aim of these suggestions is to re-program the subconscious thought processes. This part of the brain responds to positive ideas and embraces them as the truth. For this reason using this psychological technique will be highly effective at changing a mindset to think of one's self as slim and healthy.

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