Weird National Holidays Are Everywhere

By Anita Ortega

There are so many people in the world who like to celebrate things that are different from anyone else. Everyone around knows that weird national holidays truly exist and they have been around for quite some time. People who are living in the United States really love to take the time to spotlight all of these occasions.

Many people who are now living in the south enjoy it when they can take pride in their heritage. Confederate Memorial Day is one great time that happens during the year. This date remembers all of the individuals who lost their lives during the Civil War. The southern states will have this date listed on their calendars at different times.

Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and other places all treasure this day. Many individuals living within the south say that they are proud of their heritage and even honor the flag which symbolizes this date.

People living in any of these states know that this date is filled with hatred and rage against others. Blacks do not like it when they see white southerners dressed in Civil War outfits while walking the streets. Even many of the southern museums will have special ceremonies that will commemorate this tragic time in history. White people in the south were fighting to keep slavery alive while northerners wanted to end it as soon as possible.

White Americans who are living in any of the southern states will defend this date to the end of time. They will usually ignore any rants that black people have concerning Confederate Day. The state government agencies still close all businesses even though this turmoil is happening.

The government even ignored the many protests that were held by black individuals living in the south. They felt that it was important to have this event recognized by everyone living around the southern region. The fighting has finally ended when it comes to this certain date and many people have never heard about Confederate Memorial Day. Only state employees will quietly take this day off from work.

On February 13th people have the right to change their name for twenty four hours. Human beings who are not satisfied with the name that their parents gave them at birth will always like this day. Sometimes parents do not think about the horrible names that they are giving to their child after they are born and this is very unfortunate. Within American society there are some very strange names that are given to babies in hospitals everywhere. Many black people try to be different and will call their children African names after they are born.

Every person who has a middle child should remember the date of August 12th. This is one time that they can honor their second youngster who has brought so much joy and happiness into their lives. The Middle Child Day will help these individuals gain notoriety from everyone.

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