Bank Fishing At The Kenai River Lodge

By Tracie Knight

An area which fishing enthusiasts may want to consider visiting in the future is one of the many beautiful riverbanks in Alaska. For, this area hosts some of the best fishing in the world. The Kenai River Lodge is a great place to call home while staying in the region.

Great features abound for the bank fisherman at this fishing centered location. From a four hundred bank private fishing area to the cleanest cleaning areas, it is great for anyone desiring to fish and clean a catch on the spot. Whether traveling with children or otherwise, individuals will love the walkways and stairs which lead down to the water for great shallow water wading.

Small groups and others will enjoy the hanging area in which catches can be hung while taking pictures. All guests can enjoy two large freezers which are available on a first come first serve basis. While waders are not allowed in rooms for obvious reasons, there are hooks placed on the exterior side of doors to accommodate the drying process.

Travelers will adore the many choices in room styles. Each one having a view, some hosting a view of the riverfront. These include king, single, queen, double and suites. One suite is large and offers pull outs in each room with two additional queen beds. All offer at least a mini-fridge, coffee maker and microwave. Each room also has a hook on the outside of the door to hang waders as these are not allowed in rooms to help avoid mold and mildew.

Each suite has a name, the largest is Suite 201 which offers two full queen beds in two separate bedrooms, 2 living rooms and a full size kitchen with appliances and dinette. The next size down is the Crows Nest which host one queen and four twins. The other is Suite 100 which is a nice size for fishing fans combining pleasure and business, couples or those traveling alone who just desire more room to spread out as it offers a full size fridge, table and a separate sitting area with a queen size bed. All rooms and suites are decorated nicely and are bright and airy.

When traveling alone for business or pleasure and desiring to spread out, Suite 100 is just what the fishing fan ordered. It is a smaller suite which offers a separate sitting area. The room also includes a full size fridge to accommodate for longer stays as well as a full size table, microwave and coffee maker.

The ultimate goal of the inn is to have visitors leave happily satisfied in hopes each one will return in the future. The owners also know that word of mouth is often the best advertising. This is why every area of the inn, not just the guest rooms, is cleaned and well maintained on a daily basis.

When looking for a safe, fun, entertaining vacation with fishing and a great place to stay, travelers can not beat the Kenai River area. It is one of the prominent fishing areas in the region. With the lodge right on the river, it also makes it a perfect to place to stay whether simply wanting to wade, fish or simply relax down by the riverside.

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