Dealing With A Drug Addiction

By Rey Vetangelo

Drugs ruin more than just our favorite movies. You'd think that all the attention these celebrity drug-induced deaths have caused, that people would stop experimenting with drugs and avoid that whole, awful lifestyle completely.

But what many people may not know is that these same fun and interactive hobbies can be far more beneficial than previously thought, especially for those who are struggling with addictions or those who are in rehab centers in Utah. As Plato famously said, "you can learn more about a man in an hour of play than in a lifetime of conversation" and the same holds true for individuals; a person can learn much more about themselves as they are performing activities than when they are simply talking through their issues.

Because of this power that recreation and activity has to give fresh perspectives to individuals, many of the top rehab centers in Utah and addiction recovery centers in Utah are now turning to the highly effective therapy of recreation. The power of recreational therapy lies in its ability to get people up and moving.

Method 2: Specialists.

Keep all your options open if you're looking into this route. You might consider a detox or rehabilitation center near you-especially if previous attempts at recovery haven't gone well. You might also search out local anonymous support groups like AA or NarcAnon. Talking to other people can help you sort through your thoughts and find the logical fallacies you might be clinging to. If working with an anonymous group isn't enough, you might also consider the help of a professional therapist. Most psychologists and social workers have experience helping people recover from addiction, and are able to prescribe the best course of action for someone in recovery. If you're the one trying to support your loved one, encourage them to seek help. Don't ignore the situation, because odds are that it will only get worse. You will have to walk a fine line, though-your loved one struggling with addiction must want to change. They can't make a lasting change in their life unless they're totally committed to it.

Basically, any extreme behavioral change in any direction may be an indicator of drug addiction. This could be excessive carelessness, anger, mood swings, depression, euphoria, over-sensitivity, and so on. These mood swings/alterations will usually lead to self-isolation and a degradation of relationships. This includes family relationships, friendships, and professional relationships. It is not uncommon for them to start skipping school or work, being late or keeping odd schedules.

Those benefits that empower an individual to limit their need for the addictive substance or action include the ability of recreational therapy to reduce boredom, maintain a fun environment without the use of substances and while sober, increase feelings of self-control and discipline, and improves problem solving skills that can help the individual think through their actions before taking them. The benefits of recreational therapy that help develop the individual as a whole include the benefits of improved social skills, learning how to interact with people who are drug free, decrease loneliness, and improve self-esteem.

While many people see playing their favorite sport as simply a fun activity, those who are struggling with overcoming addiction can find relief from their burdens by enrolling themselves in a recreational therapy program and start down the path to recovery.

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