How A Child Custody Attorney Midland TX Can Help You

By Arline Bradley

Having a family can be very enjoyable and fulfilling. It spices your life having people who love you and care for you. Presence of children gives you encouragement and a reason to wake up early every day to work so that you can feed them. However, marriage is not always a smooth sail as differences between the couples can be difficult to solve. In extreme situations where reconciliation efforts fail, the couples may decide to separate. At this point, you may need a child custody attorney Midland TX to help you get the children rights.

This process goes hand-in-hand with a divorce case and therefore several factors come into play. One of them may be about how you have been treating your children during the marriage. If your actions were not considerate of the kids interests and the other half is able to prove it then you may not be granted the rights.

One of the major actions that may really haunt you is treating a particular kid irrationally. Maybe you spanked or pinched the kid at a time when you were angry. Moreover, financial circumstances may have forced you to go far away and search for greener pastures and left your family at home. This might be considered as alienation. But a professional lawyer with years of experience can help you maneuver the law and come up with a strong defense that can win the favor of the judge.

In case you have lost the case against your spouse on who should be the custodian, do not fear that you may not see you children again. The lawyer can litigate for visitation rights if they are not granted at all. This would allow you to occasionally visit the children at their residence.

Being granted visitation rights may not be relevant if the primary parent relocates to a place far away from you. This makes it difficult for you to visit them. Many states and counties dictate that the primary parent should not relocate to a distant place.

This may be set to a particular number of miles from their current location. If at one point the primary parent wants to relocate, he or she must prove to the court in your presence and the lawyer that the shifting is in the best interests of the kids.

If all the above avenues do not work in your favor, you can start doing a follow up of your spouse wittingly. This is to ascertain that she or he keeps the end of the bargain as pertaining to nurturing the kids and supporting them.

Moreover, the spouse may later be rendered bankrupt and unable to support the children. This can create an avenue for your lawyer to initiate a court process where he can discredit the spouse ability to support the kids. However, poor representation may allow the judge to dictate that you increase your support for the kids while they are still with the primary parent.

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