Role Of Theology Forums In Shaping The Future

By Tracie Knight

The current economic, social and political trends are threatening to change the view that Christianity has given people towards life. There are several questions that people need to ask themselves, such as does the current organization of the society promote equality? Theology forums have a responsibility to shape the world. The current trends leave many to wonder if this is how God wants the society to be organized.

It is a concern that when highly regarded people speak they give people an image of a future where power will be in the hands of economically and politically powerful. The simple elite will be honored more and the disadvantaged in the society will no longer have a voice. It gives an image of a future where economy is expending quickly and the gaps between the rich and less fortunate is widening.

Theology has the power to counter these ideologies and fight for the many with small voices in the community. If the trend goes on minority will have no say in the community. There is also a possibility that they will not be involved in decision making processes. The result will be the human right will be no longer respected and human dignity eroded making the meaning of life be altered.

These upcoming way of life and ideologies need to be challenged if we have to save the future. Christianity is against divisions and we should all seek to eliminate them. It is vital that we ensure a balance even as nations struggle to achieve their values, goals and priorities.

The current trends need to take a new dimension because change is necessary. There is need for a society that sees itself as part of the large whole is we will have qualitative growth. Nations should put more effort on real concerns of the people and aspirations. The need to maintain a healthy relationship between people, God environment should be emphasized.

Most nations today are going through moments of change. They are facing the challenge of making choices. For instance Ireland has now embarked on a new journey and there are many decisions to make. In such moments all people have a right to be involved in decision making. It is necessary we know that every opinion matters.

Ireland is nation that gives us a good view of a threatened future. The nation has gone through social, political and economic progress but is still threatened by social inequality. The divisions in the society continue to increase and the gaps between the rich and the poor is growing wider.

It is dangerous to aim on achieving set goals without noting the values that should be maintained. Religious and theological groups are the only movements that can protect the rights of the minority in the society given the economic competition. Ensuring that all people and groups are involved in decision making is the only way to prevent inequality and injustice.

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