Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss Tips

By Minnie Whitley

Lately there have been some studies that showed that one of the most effective methods for losing weight would be none other than self hypnosis. Many people have sworn that after they have undergone a full session, they have more heart and motivation to be able to lose some of their unwanted pounds. So if one is curious about this, here are some facts about self hypnosis for weight loss.

Now if one is interested in trying out this kind of thing, then he would have to be familiar with meditation because self hypnosis is very similar to meditation. When one would start, the very first thing that he would have to do would be to find a very quiet place where there is no people or noise. When he has found that spot already, then he just has to sit down, close his eyes, and relax.

If he would want, he can actually take out his mp3 player and listen to some very relaxing music that would help him forget all about his thoughts. Now it is best that he would listen to some slow instrumental music without lyrics so that his mind does not need to think. He will be able to find and download this type of music in the internet.

When he is already relaxed, then the very next thing that he should do would be to concentrate on breathing. Now while meditating, he has to make sure that he breathes in and out slowly. The best way to do this would be to inhale slowly through the nose while expanding the diaphragm and then exhale through the mouth while contracting the stomach.

Now that one is already in a meditative trance, he may now be able to feed his subconscious with positive thoughts about losing weight. The first thing that he should do would be to imagine that there is a door in front of him. Then, he must visualize that he is opening the door slowly and imagining that his subconscious is on the other side.

The next thing that he would be imagining would be finding a black and white version of himself on the other side. Now this black and white him is his subconscious which he should talk to. What he will do here is that he will be feeding his subconscious brain with positive thoughts about weight loss.

Now in this part, he has to be very specific with the tasks that he would want his subconscious to know. For example, if he would want to jog a certain distance per day, he should specifically state that he would want to jog this number of miles per day. From there, the subconscious would adjust the mindset of the individual.

When he is finished with that, he should now finish his session already. He can do this by just counting from one to five or five to one slowly then waking up from his meditative state. Now when he wakes up, he will be feeling very refreshed and will have a more positive attitude to burning off those unwanted pounds.

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