The Question About Is The BBB A Scam Is Asked All Too Often

By Minnie Whitley

The Better Business Bureau began in 1912. It was originally a way for business people to make themselves look better in the eyes of the consumer. It has worked quite well over the years, however, with every good report about a business and their conduct, there are other, less appealing, reports about some of the same ones. The questions about is the BBB a scam continues to this day.

Companies belonging to this organization pay a yearly fee to keep it operating. This is not a way for that firm to buy its way into good reports, however, that has been in the back of many peoples minds for some time. Newspaper accounts of collusion can go a long way in exposing problems of this nature.

When people look at a website, on the Internet, they often see and depend on the BBB seal it may contain. This can easily be up loaded on an unscrupulous operators site in an effort to deceive you. The operator knows you will trust the BBB and also knows you will probably not check out the seal to see if it is real or not.

When an informed visitor to a site clicks on the BBB seal, they know they will go to a Better Business Bureau web page that verifies their existence on the page they just came from. This BBB page will inform the reader what the rating is for this site and summarize the report they currently have on this firm. This is a good way to check whether the company has a good standing in the business community or not.

Outbound calls from the Bureau is not a common happening. In other words, they will not usually cold call people offering some product or service and they will not be an affiliate of any program. Recruitment calls from their business relations office will be outreaches to other businesses and not to private individuals. They are a resource for others on a call in basis.

When there are complaints of a scam happening, involving a branch of the BBB, they get going on checking it out. There have been people, employed by the BBB who have taken dishonorable liberties with their position. It is the policy of this organization to root these out for disciplinary actions. When problems are found at one branch it is also assumed it is at other ones. These are followed up on scrupulously.

The history of the organization will make many people, employed there, take every care to perform their duties with honor. There are always things that get missed, in any group of professionals, however, that does not mean they intend to deceive. Anything that is brought to their attention, with the companies they monitor or with themselves, will be followed up on.

Their main purpose is to make people aware that there are very good companies out there doing what they promise. There are also some bad ones that should not be in business. The database of companies is search able and will make the case for staying away from some of the more seedier firms.

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