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By Tracie Knight

There are many excellent churches to attend throughout the state of Arizona. Many people are regular worshippers who feel that the Sunday morning service is the best part of their week. It gives them an opportunity to slow down, relax and really spend time thinking about God. The chance to be with others who share their belief system is also very important. They can talk, exchange ideas and learn more about the Bible.

Cities throughout the United States have many different houses of worship. These range from small local congregations with under one hundred regular members to those with over a thousand worshipers every week. The Lutheran church Scottsdale AZ has a surprising number of locations to suit those in every part of this fast growing city. Each year more and more people are choosing to move to the desert southwest. It offers wonderful weather, employment opportunities and an overall high standard of living.

Regular church attendance is one of the best ways to stay calm, relaxed and spiritually charged. Many people really feel that the time they spend in worship each day or week is the most valuable part of their life. They truly believe that their faith will help them through any of life's challenges and this knowledge is very comforting.

Bible study is another very important part of being affiliated with a Scottsdale AZ church. The Bible is a massive work that many spend a life time reading. Even then they never really feel as though they really know everything. There is so much opportunity for individual interpretation that discussions can go on for years. In fact, people have been debating the Bible for the past two thousand years and still are not united in their beliefs.

Christian outreach is a very important part of church membership. Many people are now able to take time off during the summer months to participate in a volunteer project. This can be some local activity such as helping the elderly do yard work or renovate their homes. Some more ambitious project involve going overseas to third world countries that need help building a school or church. The opportunities are endless and they are typically subsidised by the organization to help as many people as possible participate.

The younger members of the churches in Scottsdale AZ are also well taken care of. There are many wonderful Sunday school groups that are divided up by age. Even the smallest child will be able to enjoy time with others their own age whilst learning about the Bible. Fun activities, camps and sports are all part of the way to gets the kids participating and having fun.

Most children love to go to Sunday school or Vacation Bible school. This is a fun time in which they learn about the life of Jesus and the wonderful stories of the Bible. They also learn about the power of prayer and how to behave in a Christian manner.

Many of the churches in Scottsdale AZ run very active outreach programs. Some are close to home, but others offer the chance to go abroad. This is a great way for young people to have their first visit out of the country and help others at the same time.

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