Offers On Police Car Partition

By Kenya Campos

Partitions in police cars are designed for different purposes. The features included will determine how effective the vehicles are. High quality police car partition makes it easier for the officers to do their work. It keeps them save and ensures that the rights of offenders are not trampled upon.

The partitions are designed for different vehicles. There are models for saloon cars, SUVs, trucks and buses for prisoner transportation. Each comes with unique features depending on the environment. The size does not compromise the quality. Attention is given to every single space and section to guarantee high quality and reliability in all circumstances.

The environment where the vehicle will be used determines the nature of work to be done. Some vehicles require total closure to curtail any communication with prisoners. Others will work with glasses and metal gauze to facilitate interaction. A combination of these options is also available. The security of officers determines the nature of separation.

Partitions are created for dodge chargers with specific features to guarantee the best service. The animals are made comfortable and open sections for communication or instructions provided. Animal protection departments have approved the materials to be used on this section in order to guarantee the safety of the chargers. It allows the dogs to be ready for action at any time.

The designs for pro-cell prisoner compartment vary on the vehicle. The features depend on the size and amount of space available in the vehicle. They are made comfortable with special designs on the floor. High quality material is used to guarantee comfort and durability. The materials do not require special maintenance attention and are therefore economical to use.

The number of passengers to be accommodated determines the design. Other features to consider include the need for prisoners to loam freely or be confined to a seat. Confinement options include restraining the arms behind the body or strapping the legs. Such a passenger cannot tamper with the door or threaten the accompanying officers.

Bullet proofing is done on different sections within the chamber on demand. Bullet proof glasses or metallic blocks are used. The doors and other movable sections are also bullet proofed to guarantee utmost security. Other options for glasses include tinting to conceal the identity of traveling prisoners.

Security measures do not compromise the safety of traveling officers and prisoners. Safety belts and air bags are professionally installed to ensure protection against head-on collision or in case the vehicle rolls over. The compartments are provided with ample fresh air, leg room and comfort without compromising security.

Locking mechanism on windows and doors is unique. Some of the areas require multiple and biometric locks. The doors and windows are either unlocked automatically or manually but ultimate control is with the officers. Officers can easily maneuver within the chamber and comfortably handle their firearms.

Materials used in partitioning are high quality, approved and durable. Seasoned engineers design and install all partitions to ensure that customer expectations are met. Each vehicle gets a customized package that takes to account its unique features and the environment it will be used. The partitions are easy to maintain and practical to use.

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