Things You Have To Know About Reading Disorders

By Sherry Gross

Reading is actually one of the most entertaining hobbies. It gives one an experience which is similar to that of watching films. However, many says that reading is more fun since you are the ones who will generate the visualizations and you would feel the situations more vividly as if you are the protagonist in the story.

But aside from the joy and recreation it brings, it also benefits you a lot. Basically, it assists you in your struggles with your academic endeavors as well as with your dealings with life. Given this, the skill of knowing how to read holds a very valuable role in life. But there are some disabilities which can which cause some impediments in the skill called the reading disorders.

A reading disorder is actually an impairment in the ability of a person to read. It basically affects the comprehension, speed, and accuracy of a person to read in a case which is serious enough to cause an impediment to the success of ones academic achievement and daily dealings with people. This disability is also commonly known as dyslexia.

But it is not quite the case, since dyslexia usually involves deficits in the area of spelling and writing. Basically, this disorder is defined as a learning disorder which is characterized by a valuable disparity between the general intelligence of the person and his skills in reading. It is the case where one experiences severe difficulty in displaying the skill even with normal intelligence.

So it does not follow that one with this impairment has a low IQ because this is basically part of a learning disorder. The case of learning disorders is actually that which is refers to a kind of difficulty which can lead to poor academic performance. However, it is not related with low intelligence, lack of opportunities for learning, mental retardation, and physical disabilities.

Basically, this disorder even persists to individuals with normal intelligence, motivation to read, and educational opportunities. But it is the case in which a person finds a certain field difficult to learn like for instance people who have problems in mathematics, or in language, and many more to the point that they perform poorly in academics. But they certainly are not dull.

So here are the common issues faced by the people who suffer from this disability. Initially, the individual finds it hard to comprehend a material either with oral or silent reading. Another thing is that they can omit words or reverse them and some letters. Other than that, they also find it difficult to decode single word and associate them with sounds, and they have a poor vocabulary.

Basically, the cause of this disability has been identified by researchers as the effect of mutations of specific genes which are associated to language skills. It was also discovered that it does not have much to do with genetic inheritance since ninety percent of people with this disability do not come from lineages which have the impairment. It is identified that it pertains to some disability in the brain function especially in the language area.

But since it causes quite a big loss to its suffers, treatments were really sought. Seeing the features of the disorder, it has been agreed upon that the treatment be customized since every disorder vary from person to person. With this, there have already been several institutions which provide the remedy to this so people who suffer from the disability can afford rehabilitation.

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