Truths About Bed Bug Dog Inspections

By Ina Hunt

Bedbugs basically feed on blood. Therefore, as long as the residential home has individuals and animals where the parasites can source blood from, they may invade heavily irrespective of whether the environment is clean or not. Having them in your house is a big trouble. It requires the help of bed bug dog handlers to spot the parasites before seeking bedbug exterminators.

Bloodstains in sheets and couches may be spotted in households infested with the pests. People who purchase used furniture from stores should ensure that they examine the items closely in order to ensure they do not transfer the parasites to their homes. They may be residing in the cabinets or sofas. Though small, bedbugs are potentially daunting to human existence.

No matter how small a place or a hole might be, these parasites are able to penetrate very tiny holes. Their small and flattened bodies enable them to navigate any environment. To eradicate them, one should contact a professional pest exterminator. But before treating surfaces, canines may be used to sniff around and spot the bugs.

Use of canines to search bugs is widely used in both residential and commercial premises. Pest detection is indeed an indispensable task if you have to eradicate them and with dogs, much can be achieved. What makes use of canines efficient in carrying out pest searches is the fact that they have strong odor detection instincts. Bugs excrete pheromone, which causes the areas to smell terribly.

If one cannot precisely trace the origin of the odors, trained sniffer dogs may be used. Past studies indicate that canines are perfect scent detectors. They can be able to sniff over several miles with high accuracy. Dogs are able to sniff the presence of the bug eggs as well as their exact location.

Sniffer dogs are known to recover myriad lost items, and they can as well detect bugs through their olfactory mechanism. When bugs excrete massive amounts of pheromone, filthy odors emanate and spread all over the house. What the trained dogs do is to sniff around in bid to locate the origin of the smells. Amazingly, it only requires a short period of time before the bugs are exposed.

Companies dealing with the provision of services such as guest room hotels, cruise ships, apartment for hire, schools, boarding institutions among other public areas should be in the forefront in performing regular bug searches otherwise their premises may be at risk of being invaded. Once spotted, an area with bugs should be scrutinized further. This is because one parasite could denote the prevalence of bugs in several other surrounding areas.

If a canine spots the existence of bugs in an area, extermination process should commence immediately. Failure to sight the bugs by the dog means that the area under investigation is not infected though this may not be ruled out as errors can occur if the dogs are not trained or handled properly thus giving false alerts. The bedbug detection dogs should be handled by a trained handler.

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