About The Christian Psychic Reading Community

By Imelda Reid

Many Christians believe that psychics are big sinners who would go against the teachings of God because they are making use of occult powers in order for them to have their own gain. Now the more open minded Christians would actually not see this as occult but as a gift of God that should be used. Now here are some things to know about people into Christian psychic reading.

Although the Christian world would actually condemn psychics, a lot of believers would actually still practice arts like these as they believe their roots would be in the prophets of the old. The powers of prophecy and other types of supernatural powers are given by the Lord and must be used in order to fulfill the will of the Lord. Of course many would use the three wise men who predicted the coming of Christ or St, Peter the Apostle who had the power to heal people who had even very terminal illnesses.

Now a lot of Christians would actually engage in Tarot card reading or palm reading. They are able to see the futures of certain people just by looking at the cards that they would pick. Of course they are also to tell things about a person as well as his future by looking at the lines that are present there in the palm.

Now just like the three wise men who were astrologers, many would follow in these footsteps. They believe that one can sometimes be able to tell the future through looking at the arrangement of the constellations. They would make use of astrology techniques in order to look at the life of the client and give him a prediction.

Now there are others who are born with a very special gift called the sixth sense. This would include the third eye and other types of senses that would allow one to communicate with the dead. These people would often help those who need to communicate with those who have passed on and still have business to finish.

Of course there are also the healers who are like Paul the apostle. The only difference would be that these days, the natural healers know more about the concept of chi or the internal energy found inside the body. Arts like Reiki would allow people to make use of this energy in order to cure even terminal illnesses of people.

Now a very special power would be the power to communicate with nature. Believe it or not, there are actually some people who can understand the thoughts of animals. There are also those who can understand the thoughts of land and the trees or even flowers of nature.

Now as one can see, psychic arts are actually not very bad and may even be beneficial to some people. Christians with these abilities are actually sometimes born with it even though they do not actually choose to have it. What they do is that they harness this power in order to help people and still follow the doctrines of the Lord.

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