Entering The Workforce With OHSAS18001 Certification Readiness

By Marylou Forbes

Organizations are seeking people who show skills that are applicable to a work environment, and a certificate is an easy way for them to assess potential candidates. Although a diploma from school, college or trade institute is an important step in starting a lucrative career, employers these days may be looking for further credentials that show skill sets applicable to specific careers. OHSAS18001 Certification Readiness can be a useful tool, especially for candidates entering the workforce for the first time.

Finishing school indicates at least a minimum a grasp of the fundamentals of literacy and arithmetic, but leaves the employer wondering if this person has the proficiency necessary to excel in the position. How well a person can function in a work situation is still an important concern.

Those who have built a reputation through past work experience can show an image of their efficiencies and experience. For those only with degrees and no history, how their knowledge will apply on the job and away from a classroom is not yet evident.

Employees spend time and resources helping new employees learn on the job. Having a measurement of the abilities of a candidate to function in a specific environment reduces the risk of wasting resources on a bad fit.

Organizations could pay for their own testing of candidates, which is an additional tax on resources. This is not necessary for candidates carrying a credential because they have already been tested independently. The company does not have to pay for testing, and the individual does not have to be tested for each job application.

Exams that determine work readiness assess the ability of a candidate to use language and numbers in work situations. Results may be divided into three to four ranks, from which an employer can decide if the candidate is a good fit for the position.

Using a rank determined by the credential test score, a company has a tool to decide whether or not the candidate has the ability to quickly calculate and convert measurements, count money, or find and apply needed information. An organization might be looking for workers on an assembly line that requires a basic level and a few other positions requiring different abilities.

Various regions keep track of the number of individuals in the categories. If a company were considering doing business in a specific location, they would like to see this information to help with the decision. They would probably not consider regions that cannot supply enough workers in the categories they are looking for.

Employers may consider growth potential when reviewing candidates. Often those hunting for a first job must start at entry level. However, a company may want to invest in someone that has the ability to move on to higher positions. An independent career aptitude credential is also helpful in these cases.

Showing a credential is a way potential employees can show the ability to apply skills on the job and grow to other positions within a company. These kinds of credentials can reduce the expenses of employers looking for candidates, save candidates time, and help put people in the appropriate positions.

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