The Importance Of Internal Auditor Training

By Rosella Campbell

Devoting effort and time to any internal audit will increase the opportunities and improvement of a company. It is an important part of all efforts which includes developing and documenting the programs and systems. The audit requirements are both implementation and development. Thus, most organizations are requiring their auditors to participate in an internal auditor training.

To develop and improve more the strategies of the internal audits, it is essential to determine the individuals who will conduct the audits, the training procedure and to identify their efficiency in auditing. These are only a few of the issues that owners must consider before developing the audit strategies. The level of their efficiency may determine the size of the team and their needs for improvement.

In developing an effective and efficient audit program, internal auditors should be trained on the ways to conduct audits. This training is the most valued opportunities by an organization of their management system. The teaching must be appropriate for the areas of evaluation and its process. Auditors and employees must understand that the inner audits are for the system and for people.

The audit system components are included in the training, such as the checklists, records and the procedures that may control the inner functions. The training is more focusing on the methodologies and strategies. These strategies are effective for the operation of a company.

Some companies are sending their employees to an outside auditor discussion. This covers the necessary methods to help them improve more. However, the trainings are commonly generic and do not relate to a particular company or industry. To cope with this, companies may request the outside trainers to bring the program to the company and performed it internally.

If the employees are in a huge quantity, it seems that it has greater value for a certain company. However, it is more effective to select only one and the best among the rest employee to participate in some formal discussions. If a company improves or develop their own course program, there is also a possibility that they can conduct more trainings for their employees to make them more effective to their functions.

It also provides a practical element benefit. Most classroom exercises are beneficial, but very academic. The new trained employees may stumble once it was done in the classroom. However, if the discussions are conducted outside the office or an in house discussions, the trainees can observe well. They can also observe properly on the procedures and the methods that should be applied to a certain method.

The trainers can also assess their performance with their first audit performance. Any organization can add some difficulties through a proper coordination with the auditing department. This is beneficial in taking away some fears and learn the concept of systems.

If the auditors are well trained, it is also beneficial to the company. Some organizations are spending their career in a particular position. An auditor allows each employee to play their part in the organization and to provide their special role in maintaining the management system of the company. This is effective in rotating their auditors to function well.

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