Advantages Of Thorough Asbestos Testing

By Linda Ruiz

Asbestos is one of six naturally occurring silicate minerals that all form long, thin, and fibrous crystals. It has six primary classifications, the actinolite, tremolite, anthophylite, amosite, crocidolite, and chrysotile. Among all these, the chrysotile and amosite are among the most common.

This said component was a very useful material back then. Former builders often favor its usage for the reason that they have developed a resistance to fire and everyday wear and tear. Due to these characteristics, asbestos has become primary ingredients in the creation of tiles, shingles, ceiling stuff, textile products and even car parts. They are believed to be found in almost every building, until scientists ordered thorough asbestos testing San Francisco as it can actually cause health problems, particularly in respiration.

This material is indeed widely used until the late 1970s, when it was becoming more evident that the continued usage of the said element can pose a threat to human safety and health. At present, it is considered as a carcinogen, a substance that can lead to the development of cancer. Since the stuff is microscopic, one can inhale particles. These fibers will cling onto the lining of the lungs, and they are not expelled by the body.

A human being can inhale the stuff, which will then travel down and settle on the lining of the lungs. The fibers are not easily expelled by the body, no matter how hard it tries to. The excessive effort will then lead to the formation of scars in the pleura, which can lead to the very serious and fatal condition called mesothelioma. Due to this, asbestos is being banned for use in most countries all over the world.

Since it can bring about many health risks, more and more people conduct testing. This is done especially in old buildings built when the use of the said stuff was still legal. One of the sure fire ways of doing so is taking out some samples to the laboratory for some intensive analysis.

When the results bear the ominous positive result, authorities waste no time in having the entire place sealed out and encapsulated. Encapsulation often entails the usage of polyethylene film to seal off and prevent the erring structure from spreading the harmful particles all around. Sometimes even a sturdy looking building is torn down due to asbestos content.

There are many benefits for the removal of the said materials. For one, the act prevents the development and spread of lung cancer. Since the particles are very tiny, they are not often seen unless they manifest signs of damage. Many people die of this kind of cancer every year, so complete removal of the component is believe to significantly decrease the number of cases.

It does not only affect those who have direct contact with it. Experts believe that even ;the indirect contacts can still bring about mesothelioma. This is even transferred in the air, which makes the spread faster and more ominous. By getting rid of the material altogether will bring about really good results.

Indeed, testing for the presence of asbestos can be a really good thing. Only experts are allowed to do the testing itself. True, this can cost quite an amount, but then again, you can never really place a price upon safety.

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