Learn The Importance Of Empowering Young Girls

By Deanne Shepard

Have you ever known that women and girls constitute the majority of the worlds population? Women however are not highly involved in the development of the economy. In third world especially, some men usually view women as individual whose sole purpose is to cook, clean the house and give birth. This is very sad because it hides the abilities of most women. Women at times lack a chance to prove their potential. The solution to these challenges is by empowering young girls.

There are programs, which have been created by organizations, and the government to empower women in societies, this task however is not given to only specific individuals. This task is a duty for every person to ensure that women are empowered. For example in every group of ten, there is always a woman who requires to be empowered. Such a woman can attain her goals in life if individuals in the society played their roles.

A lot of people wonder how they can empower women economically. However, you need to know that, you do not have to offer financial support so as to make them feel empowered. By just a word of mouth, you can inspire them and help them to believe in themselves even when others cannot believe in them. You need to conduct seminars with younger ladies, where you can invite special speakers so as to enlighten them.

Media also has a role to play. This is because; the things media portray about women matters a lot to the community. Some media portray women in a bad way. For instance, they put disgusting pictures of celebrated women in the communities. Actually, some of them are portrayed very thin or excessively big. Others are embarrassed to find a naked body that bears their head, among other demeaning displays. This is bad, and people need to rise against such.

Another reason that has actually affected our ladies, is being sidelined in many social activities such sports and leadership. It is very important to understand that, women have great talents. These talents needs to be natured and tapped because they can make them to rise beyond their own limitations and attain financial freedom.

Women also have a great responsibility to play in order to ensure that there is empowerment of younger women. The majority of women learn a lot from elderly women. Elderly women should therefore act as role models so that the younger women can emulate them. One can become a role model through ensuring that you perform things right, encouraging younger women and by sharing with them your success stories.

The bible advices people that they can be transformed though the renewal of their minds. It is true that every story whether a success story has to begin from the mind. If you think positively about yourself, you definitely will achieve success. It therefore is your duty of making such women think about themselves positively.

Finally, you have rise against the harassment of women. Indeed, younger women are more vulnerable compared to younger men. They are victims of sexual abuse, early marriages and physical abuse. You have to stand against this.

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