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By Deanne Shepard

Supporting a loved one who is in the clutches of any form of addiction can often feel like an endless trial, especially if they are constantly on the rebound. Online information and support resources for addiction are a great starting point when you are struggling to cope under pressure.

There are many reasons that people tend to veer toward a life that seems to offer them a solution the pressures of life. However, this does not mean that they lack the ability to do what is required of them, they just need to find the strength to cope with the blank moments. Lack of funds or any form of intricate social life can often be the cause for this. Sadly addiction does not discriminate and even those who are educated in the way it can happen, still fall prey.

They just assume that the person lacks the will power to control something that can obviously be controlled. However, the brain is a complex machine that even modern science still finds extremely hard to explain. With this in mind it seems that the only way that any addict can get help is from people who truly understand what they are going through. There are many personalities that are predisposed to this as they seek to find their way through the darkness.

Understanding goes a very long way in securing the belief in a person. After a while when a person has been in a fixated state for a very long time they tend to be numb to the destruction around them. Therefore to pull them back into the world where they have to feel again requires patience and not dictatorship. By increasing the negative feelings, through lack of proper understanding only causes the situation to be severely worse.

They have their own demons to face which is made all the more harder by loved ones who are trying to crucify them. It is best to leave the job to people who understand than trying to understand. This task is about empathy and walking a mile in a person's shoes so that you can really understand what they are going through. Sadly, this is not always possible because people have their own perceived views on what needs to be done.

to truly benefit your partner or child who is in the clutches of any form of obsession is to keep your eyes on the ball. It is through noticing the signs and not pretending they do not exist that is essential. While it may seem easier to neglect your duty, you should then not complain when things spiral out of control.

Addiction is like phasing out of life into another dimension. In this dimension there is nothing but the feeling of euphoria and completion regardless of what outward destruction this might be causing. Unless you have felt and experienced this, you will never truly understand.

Sadly, it is pretty naive of anyone who thinks that all it takes is love in order to save a loved one. However, having a strong environment that fosters feelings of self worth for the suffer do assist in giving the help needed.

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