The Benefits Of OOH Advertising

By Deanne Shepard

Out of home advertising is a certain type of promotion or marketing that reaches out all prospective customers on the go. Commonly, it focuses on public areas, such as subways and other commercial locations. This was created, since most people are spending more time outside their home. Thus, they are less exposed to the television or even radio. Thus, this mode of advertising is quite effective, since it can usually reach customers in an easy way.

Companies are considering this type of advertisement, because they can also get various benefits of this medium. OOH advertising is also a great choice in generating awareness and to elevate a certain perception and credibility of the brands. This is also an effective and efficient way in carrying great effects to ensure a certain awareness of the brand that makes it stronger over time.

Most of the out of home advertising tools are usually in large size. Thus, it can easily catch the attention of the customers and may be either a positive or negative impact to them. Most of the advertisers have switched their ways in advertising their products from the traditional ways. This way, they can create a certain target market. The location and the frequency are also important to pinpoint specific demographic.

This form of media is also continuous and present within 24 hours, seven days a week. As a result, this campaign can usually achieve a sustained level of awareness over some channels. In using an integrated campaign, the ooh promotion improves a great return on investment when combined with other forms of media. This effectively maintains an awareness when other activities reaches consumers.

A good frequency is also a way to strengthen every advertising method. Therefore, the repetition of every exposure of the advertisement always assures that the message and the product will be remembered. It is also a great way to interact with other consumers and drive sales. Nowadays, every company considers this kind of media, since the ads are usually huge and visible to anyone.

This is also effective in delivering a certain message to the public. These messages may include, voting a politician, buying products, giving donations and even taking a trip. According to a research, there are millions of dollars spent in this method of marketing for every year and companies are positive enough that their income will multiply in the coming years.

Although the use of newspapers are very important for the promotion and marketing, but outdoor media is more effective and unique in several ways. It is also usually a cost effective way to advertise a product. Companies are creating or designing some printed billboards with a 30 second commercial that will be displayed in most public places.

Today, industries are also using this medium in different ways. Automobile and tourism industries consider the billboards to advertise, promote and market their products and even their tourism plans to the public. This makes them very successful.

Today, the rising prices for every goods have also considered by many company owners. They tend to make this as their basis in imposing costs for their products. Of course, once they use a cheaper expense, products also reduce its prices. Thus, using the outdoor media, is their one way to save money, effort and time.

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