The Truth About Prisoner Partition

By Deanne Shepard

Rules and regulations exist in every place so that people within a certain community will be guided in what they should and should not do. They are not made as a means of asserting power by the higher authorities, contrary to what most revolutionaries believe in. Instead, they are placed so that peace and order will pervade the land. Lack of such laws will ultimately end up in chaos.

The law is not made so as to make everyone aware that the power ultimately lies in the hands of only a few. Instead, they are made so as to make sure that everything goes well so that everyone can go about with life without fear. But, when somebody steps out of line, this erring individual is then taken to the authorities via a vehicle with prisoner partition.

The person who is sent to prison is then called a prisoner. He can be also called as a detainee, could also be an inmate. The public fear them, because they believe that most inmates have committed crimes against humanity in cold blood. What they do not know is the fact that not all people inside the said facility are bad.

Not everyone who steps into the cell stay there for a very long time. In fact, some of them are only awaiting for a trial date. Some are sentenced to stay for five years or so, some more than ten. Some even spend decades in the enclosure, while some have been doomed to stay detained for life.

These sentences are decided in accordance to the severity of the certain crime being committed. They are the punishments for the wrongdoings, so naturally, those who have committed crimes can be detained for far longer than those who have less serious slip ups. There are those who can even get out in no time as long as someone bails them out.

Though they are made to serve the sentences being given to them, this does not mean that they never get to go outside prison walls. Sometimes, these people get out of prison, only to be transferred to another. There are those who could be transferred due to the decision of those in power. Some transfers can be even due to the request of the prisoner himself.

Sometimes they are transferred to a new place when there are just too many detainees inside one cell. Most city prisons are heavily overcrowded, to the point where some people are forced to sleep in the cold and hard floor because all the warm beds are taken. Those who are situated somewhere far from their families are detained to someplace near.

Some of these transports could not even be permanent. Sometimes the detainees need to go out of prisons for certain reasons. They could be going to the court for a trial, or they could be going to the hospital to have their medical conditions, preexisting or otherwise, looked into. During these instances, certain precautions are made to ensure an eventful trip to and from the gaol.

Since these trips can be potentially dangerous, the police have placed various safety measures to ensure a safe journey. They often place handcuffs and leg irons to inmates. They also place partitions, in the event when they have to carry more than one person along for the ride.

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