A Good Recipe For Soft Serve Mix

By Kerri Stout

Soft serve ice cream is one of the most popular desserts in the entire world because not only is it really good but it is also affordable. In fact, it is actually quite easy to make. If one has a sweet tooth and a knack for making food, then he can actually make his own at home with this soft serve mix recipe.

Now basically, the way to make this kind of dessert would be to mix the ingredients of this ice cream with air so that it is able to get that soft and fluffy texture. Of course one would usually need a machine in order to do this quickly. However, if one does not have a machine that can make this, then he may follow this procedure to make something just as good.

Now to start off, one has to first get some whip cream and whisk it so it can get a really light texture to it. Now one should have at least one whole pack of whip cream and then he should dump it in to start mixing it. Now the objective here is to mix it for quite a while until some air has gone in so that the texture becomes light.

Now when one has already mixed the whip cream properly, then he now has to get some ice cream. Now as for the flavor of the ice cream, it can be any flavor that one would want depending on his own preference. Now when he is in this stage, he has to pour the whip cream all over the ice cream that he has bought.

When the ingredients have already been mixed together, then the next step would be to put it in the freezer. Now one has to do this so that it will solidify and acquire the icy but soft texture that everyone knows and loves. Probably around ten hours of freezing it in the freezer will allow one to get the desired results.

Of course if one would want to spice up his creation a little bit, then he can add a bit more flavoring by putting some Hersheys chocolate syrup on top. Now just before he freezes the ingredients, he has to mix the ice cream and whip cream while slowly putting the chocolate syrup on top. Although this step is optional, it will definitely add some extra taste.

Of course there are those who do not like chocolate that much but would prefer vanilla instead. Now if one is that kind of person, then he may use vanilla pudding instead of chocolate syrup to get the extra strong vanilla taste. Now while he is mixing the ingredients, he must dump in a pack of vanilla ice cream and mix the ingredients really fast.

So as one can see, it is actually very easy to make this kind of dessert. Of course things will be easier if one has a machine but not everyone can get a machine. So if one likes this kind of dessert, then just follow this very simple recipe.

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