Benefits Of Cacao Tea To Your Health

By Kerri Stout

When making chocolate from cocoa beans the shell is a byproduct. This shell or husk is not a waste as it is used to make cacao tea. This tea is widely used in many parts of the world with highest numbers of users in Africa. It has many health benefits for the users.

Vitamins and minerals; it comes packed with many minerals and vitamins. Much needed Vitamin C in our bodies is found in it. Minerals such as potassium, copper, iron, magnesium and calcium all necessary for our body functions are found in the cacao husks which is used to make the tea. Our bodies can't function well in lack of these minerals. For example we need iron to make red blood cells.

Health of the heart; cocoa contains some minerals that really help the heart health wise. The increase of heart functions by Magnesium really keeps the blood flowing. The survival of your body is dictated by oxygen; key mineral, copper, increases the chances of red blood cells getting oxygen, this circulates through the blood around our bodies. You also have Vitamin E, of which keeps the heart health and bars any disease from attacking the heart.

Happy moods; everyone wants to be happy and will just do about anything to be happy. Cacao is one of the ways you can increase your happiness since it increases serotonin enzyme levels in our bodies which is credited with making you happy. It is also said to increase sex drive in couples but this is not scientifically proved.

Brain function; an increase in brain activity is always beneficial to us in keeping us alert and lively. Cacao has the capability of increasing brain activity without any side effects such as headaches. It has the same effects with caffeine but it is better that caffeine which sometimes is credited for heart problems. Drinking it makes more health sense.

Fighting illness; diabetes has been one of the main diseases affecting people across all nations and social classes. You and old no one is spared from diabetes. Most people suffering from diabetes there are some foods they are not required to eat so as not to worsen their conditions. Cocoa which is not sweetened can be good for those looking for something to drink since it doesn't increase the levels of sugar in blood and it leads to improvement in cell function.

Antioxidants; it is always good to have that youthful look on your face. Antioxidants usually slow down the aging process keeping you looking young and health. Fruits, grains and vegetables are well known as sources of antioxidants. It is surprising to note that cacao has the equivalent level of antioxidants which is even higher than that found in green tea and also in red wine. Its level of antioxidants is almost that same to the one you find in blueberries.

The health benefits are immense and can't all be listed here as some are yet to be found. The once thought to be a waste is now one of the best health products you should always be keeping in your kitchen cabinet for a healthier life. Living a long healthy and happy life which comes with the improvement of serotonin in your body by cocoa tea is every persons wish.

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