Can God Hear Me When I Cry

By Karina Frost

Life is such a mystery and many human beings often wonder how did we even get on this planet. I often wonder can God hear me at my most distressful times. Is he/she just sitting within the sky and laughing at me and all of my other sisters and brothers who are having problems. It seems that many individuals enjoy being cruel to others and they are never punished for this particular crime.

Poverty is the one disease that has never been defeated within this world. Each and every day more and more people are losing their homes and jobs because of certain economic problems. Wealthy people do not even care about these individuals and they tend to ignore the ones who are begging for help.

I am the type of person who will often stop and give this sad human being a few dollars out of my pocket. Other individuals will just ignore them and keep driving as if they did not exist. Sometimes I will find myself praying for these people and wonder if a great force within the universe will listen to my pleas. Unfortunately my prayers are never answered since this problem still exists.

There are so many unique human beings who are very talented and they like to act, write, sing and do a variety of things. It is too bad that their dreams of doing these things will never come true since this world is based upon nepotism. Every person that achieves fame is related to someone else who is working within the entertainment world.

These talented folks will eventually have to give up their dreams of success. They will be able to find work at Burger King or some other type of fast food environment. Everyone one with common sense knows that the higher power does not make dreams and wishes come true for ordinary humans.

Unfortunately anyone who is born as a gay black male should never hope for anything good to happen. These guys are always the target in society and they are the less desired human beings on this planet. There are other human beings that will also be ignored by the good wealthy Christians of this world but they are in a different category.

It seems as though this high and mighty power is only interested in helping people who display the correct color and sexual orientation. All other people are left on their own to obtain success. If an individual with influence does not like a person they can assassinate their character on every level. Sometimes it is very difficult to behave good when everything you receive is bad.

In my opinion there is more proof that every human being is on this planet because of scientific facts. People who believe in a great all knowing force are living within a fantasy world and they should face reality. We are here alone and unfortunately we all have to leave this place alone.

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