Garden Junk Crafts Are The Modern Treasure

By Elsa Noel

Treasure is not always about gold, silver, precious gems, money inside the vault, or an heirloom given to you by your great grandmother. Other people may sometimes consider their cellular phones or tablets their treasured belongings. A treasure could be a person who is very close to your heart.

If you ask someone whether he likes to recycle garbage found inside the trashcan, I doubt that he would say yes. Yes, we are discussing about trash as modern day treasures. If you really care about our Mother Earth, take notice around. You can find scattered garbage in the sea, rivers, canals, and our dumpsites are already full. One good idea is learning some garden junk crafts.

Our current space is too narrow to move with all the garbage that surrounds us. After twenty years, the world might be full of wastes and we will regret not saving this planet. Non-biodegradable wastes are very harmful to our health and it degrades the environment because natural decomposers cannot decompose them such as bottles, rubbers, plastics, and scrap metals.

These scrapped, damaged, and dirty trashes can be recycled and transformed it to a new artwork. You will not recognize that it came from the trash can and the only thing you need is your pair of two hands and a little creativity and imagination.

Extraordinary and unique products can be had and place them as decor items at homes and offices. It could be very functional objects for gardens and decorations. Old newspapers can be transformed to newspaper baskets, newspaper handbags, and newspaper pots. Lots of newspapers are blessings because newspaper chairs can be crafted when you tightly group them together.

Collecting CDs is fun but it does not belong to this modern day because music lovers buy songs and albums over the net and listen through their mobile phones, computers, and laptops. These CD casings are your good choice of recycling project. Convert the casings into mini-greenhouses for plants. It gives protective shield against strong heat, rain, and wind.

Your imagination can bring you to plenty of places and will enable you create things you have not imagined. It will just require a few craft materials from stronghold glue, pair of scissors, rulers, cutter, adhesive tapes, sticks, and strings. After completing the materials, just visit your trashcan and storage rooms to look for possible things that can be salvaged.

People are very busy and it is unlikely for them to give time for recycling. There is a win-win benefit if you choose to recycle. First you can help saving the environment, second you can make your surroundings beautiful and attractive. It can be your new hobby. Third, you can earn a living out of it by selling your junk products to your friends and neighbors. And lastly, you can inspire other people and let them do the same thing. You are changing lives and perception of the people around you as well.

Garbage is a treasure. Once you got the interest, enrol to workshops or creative seminars for crafting and recycling. Few classes can help you start and learn the basics.

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