Tips On Main White Privilege Sports

By Jody Leach

White people are known to dominate some sports or prefer some sports to others. In any event they will win all the white privilege sports medals with other people always taking the last positions. This does not happen because they are favored to win but because they are just awesome in these sports.

Light-skinned athletes have always been reigning champions in weight lifting. The strength and skills of these athletes to hold up dead weights is truly fascinating, almost amazing enough to be considered as phenomenal. Many of the world's "strongest man" competitions have been overshadowed by white athletes. Recently, Zydrunas Savickas has become victorious.

Sport hunting is also a Caucasian-dominated activity. Light-skinned athletes are highly capable of accurately shooting at long distances, and not many others can defeat them. Southern states where gun ownership is highly prevalent hold frequent shooting competitions and hunting seasons, where Caucasian residents get a lot of practice in. They can shoot with true accuracy, and enjoy the wins.

Bowling a rather leisure sport that can be done by anybody going out for a good time and fun. Anybody can throw the ball for the strike but not everyone can hit them all. Leave this to the white people who just know how to do it right. They always win on the Wednesday leagues. Chances are that over 70% of all the leagues played weekly are won by whites.

Ice hockey is often dominated by Caucasian athletes. The sport itself involves acute awareness and endurance. Light-skinned athletes command these leagues, and you rarely even see other non-Caucasian players at all. You'll find that the most revered hockey leagues are full of Caucasians.

It seems that white athletes highly populate all sorts of extreme sports, whatever specializations they may be. They all seek to feel the adrenaline rushes that fill their bodies when participating in life-threatening activities. The sport contains many different styles and types of activities, and are developed constantly. These adventures allow light-skinned athletes to push the limits of their lives, and will do so for as long as possible.

White athletes and sports lovers all appreciate NASCAR. It's almost impossible for you to see white racers or commentators narrating the events. These races are filled with tons of cars that speed around a circular track at speeds that reach around 200 mph. Similarly to extreme sports, Caucasian athletes love that these races are exhilarating and dangerous.

Golf is a game that requires an exceptional concentration, coordination, practice and patience. The whites will always stay a top in this sport due to those qualities. In all the competitions they always take most of the top spots with only a few taken by people of other races.

Beer drinking competitions are as old as the beer itself. Over the millennia the whites seem to have perfected this sport and made it a part of their lifestyle. These are some of the light-skinned privilege sports where whites outperform others.

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