Uncover The Riveting Truth About Micro Mosaic Jewelry

By Karina Frost

The significance of jewelries can be seen during the earliest civilizations of man. It is a symbol of your status and it represents who you are. In a way, jewelries, up to this day became a representation of who you are as a person. It is not just considered a simple ornament but in the artisans mind, it is an artwork like any other.

From seashells and beads, as the time passed by, jewelries have also changed in for and nature. And in the middle of the evolution of creating jewelries, there is one particular kind that grabs attention especially for art experts. That is the micro mosaic jewelry.

Very famous during the Victorian era in the 19th century, this craft was made famous by the Romans in Italy when the aristocratic Grand Tour was also famous. When rich families visit the different parts of Europe, Italy became the usual topic. And why not, it boasts of natural sceneries that are both epic and beautiful. Aside from that Rome was a rising industrial country because of its glass products. This is when the era of micromosaic jewelry began.

Based on the concept of Mosaic, the micro mosaic art is a little bit distinct from the original one because of the particles or tiles that are used in the process of making the piece. The small tiles that are used in making the design is a type of glass that is calle the tesserae. Customized jewelry were the fad during the 19th century. In this case, the aristocrats would need to pay more.

The usual objects of this artwork earrings and brooches. It can also be applied in necklaces as well. The small tiles are arranged and pasted on the surface of a metal or glass and then left to dry. Some craftsmen use flat stones for their pieces. It is then framed and sold.

There are times when it would appear as if the piece is painted. It is not. If you would look at it closely in a microscope you would see the fine particles of the tessarae forming an image. Before postcards where invented, a micromosaic piece was the symbol of a souvenir from the place that you have just visited.

The Florentine and the Venetian Mosaic are other known forms of micromosaic art. Florentine art or is sometimes called as Pietra Dura, is the kind of craft that would make use of original gemstones. The stones are then sliced into thin pieces according to what is asked by the design.

In determining the value of a micromosaic piece you need to look at the state of the jewelry, if it is good or not. The precision of the work should always be taken into consideration also and the most important factor is the size of the tesserae particle. It is said that the more minute sizes are used, the more valuable it is, thus, the more it is worth.

You can never put a price on art. Micromosaic jewelries are considered true artworks because of the work and the attention put in to it. It is no wonder why a lot of people really appreciate this kind of art and are willing to pay for it.

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