When Trying To Find The Best Fence Company Seattle Homeowners Should Follow These Guidelines

By Karina Frost

A fence is an important part of any property because it keeps it secure and can also add esthetic appeal. Ideally, fencing will be built to last for many years, but this is only possible if it is installed properly and durable products are used. In order to choose a competent and reliable fence company Seattle property owners need to consider these tips.

Doing a little research into the background of any prospective companies one is considering should be the first step in this process. This includes verifying that that they have an actual physical address, and when calling their offices, a professional should answer the phones who states the name of the business and is able to answer any questions about their services. It's also a good idea to check them out with the Better Business Bureau.

The contractor should always be willing to present the customer with a written estimate for the fencing job, if they will not do this, it's time to look elsewhere. They should never rush the customer to make a decision or insist that they pay cash only, these are to be seen as red flags. However if a company offers a discount for cash payments, this is acceptable.

Interviewing a few different contractors, and asking each for an estimate is the best way to compare what they have to offer and choose the best one. General questions to ask each of them about their services should include materials and work procedures used, if their work is guaranteed, and if they usually get the job done by the deadline and within the estimated cost.

It's also necessary to do some preliminary planning before one approaches any contractors with regards to expectations for the new fence. This means not only selecting a style, but assessing the amount needed, and planning a budget for the project. All of these ideas need to be presented to contractors so they can decide if the plans are feasible.

When the customer has decided which contractor to hire, a timeline should be devised that establishes a date of completion. Any discounts that may be offered if the contractor does not finish the project on time, should also be discussed. The customers should also know who they can contact in the event of any concerns they may have.

Most fencing installation companies guarantee the work they do, which is proof that they believe in the quality of their workmanship. The manufacturers of the fencing components may also provide a product warranty, which gives the customer additional coverage against untimely deterioration. Customers should always be sure to find out what type of guarantee they will receive.

There should be a contract between the homeowner and contractor which clearly states all work to be done, fencing products to be used, and the terms of payment which have been agreed upon. The customer may be expected to pay upfront for the job, but many companies will also accept installments, some may even offer financing.

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